BMW E28 M5:


This is my latest crazy idea – to fit the entire running gear from an F10 M5 into the smaller E28 BMW. This will include the suspension (smaller brakes to fit 18” wheels), paddle shift gearbox, diff and all electronics including adaptive suspension, traction control, stability control, M modes, air-con, head-up display, Sat Nav and all the other F10 controls. The exterior will be understated but very mean looking whilst the interior will be “fast road” spec (think Singer 911) with retro shape bucket seats trimmed in beautiful leather / alcantara etc etc. This project is on the ramp and ready to start. I have the 2013 F10 M5 ready to strip on the ramp next to it.


Customers interested in this (or a variation of) are encourage to get in touch as soon as possible to discuss options for this vehicle. For example, a manual conversion could be carried out if desired but my current plan is to install the entire F10 M5 running gear.