Ford Escort Mk4 with 500bhp V6 Ecoboost motorsport engine:


This car is very interesting in that it was a very successful rally car in its day running a large capacity (4.8?) Rover V8 engine. It has changed hands a couple of times since then. I was originally going to put a tried and tested Cosworth YB turbo engine, gearbox in it. Then I started to think about more cylinders and a modern technology engine and remembered that Gartrac did a G6 (V6 Cologne engine) model and it hit me that a new Ford Ecoboost twin turbo V6 would do the trick. If it was good enough for the latest Ford GT, it was good enough for me. 500-600bhp is relatively easy to achieve. And plenty in a lightweight Escort body. Ford Motorsport North America offer a motorsport ECU and loom package to enable an easier transplant into another vehicle. I will need custom intake plenums, intercoolers etc but all possible. Gearbox choice to be decided but there are plenty of options available and the shell already has a large RWD transmission tunnel from its rallying days.


It is a strengthened shell with a nice cage in already. The interior design will depend on the intended use and, if it were to be a keeper for me, I would make a nice “fast road” interior with bucket seats but nicely trimmed, proper dash, heater etc. It has electric power steering.


I may be open to a client taking this over and building it to their specification.