Porsche 935


This vehicle was a well known, successful race car campaigned for many years by Mark Chilton of Club Autosport. At that time, it sported a 993 GT2 wide body in various stages of aero development and in silver, gold and black before becoming white. I wanted a 935 Porsche but their values are astronomical now so I decided to build a proper recreation.


Inspired by the D-Zug built car (look it up), I purchased the Kremer K3 style body panels from an excellent company in the USA. These are very expensive panels and shipping such large items from the USA opened my eyes to new levels of freight cost and import duties! None of these panels were going to fit on any 911 based vehicle without the necessary frame supports so we had to remove the 993 body and supports and fabricate completely new supports. Every panel is different apart from the doors! One of the biggest challenges was to get the roof shape flowing into the raised rear window. Another major piece of work was the rear quarter fitting and supports. I had to modify and manufacture dozens of composite / Kevlar pieces…….


Structurally, the car is in great shape with mainly tube frame fabrication extending off the 911 tub. Mechanically, the car has an excellent specification with a built 3.5 single turbo engine, MoTeC ECU, individual throttle bodies, custom carbon intake plenums, G50 gear box, fuel cell, fire suppression system etc. However, we will be stripping the car to bare shell for fresh paint as part of the overhaul and transformation. One of my big decisions is to decide whether to convert to a flat fan or not. Original flat fan systems are basically unobtainable but a re-engineered system id available for £10k!! I am also not sure whether to change to a twin turbo set up.


Wheels will be a critical part – 935s ran on varying wheel sizes including larger diameter rear wheels up to 14” wide. Front wheels tended to be 16” but that size will not clear the front brakes so that may need to be 17” or 18”. I do know that 17” space saver wheels fit over the front brakes. A big factor in wheel choice is the availability of slick tyres in appropriate compounds.


I am still undecided what livery to paint the car but I do like white as a base on this car. The internal metal / cage will be in satin black as per most 935’s that I have seen. I have some 935 style seats in cloth and an original Kremer steering wheel. The dash may stay as it is (Stack tacho etc) on the race pod or I may try and put a standard 911 dash and dials back in place.


Watch this space……..