VW T5 Transporter with full 2015 Audi RS6 4WD running gear


I bought this vehicle about 11 years ago as a high mileage LWB builders van with the intention of converting it to a high spec “day van”. I gradually converted it into a T6 look, full spec 7 seater with leisure battery, split charge system, DVD player, power amps / sub sound system etc.


I had the VW sliding seat rail system and seats installed (at huge expense due to insurance requirements), complete with fridge and folding table. I also installed the California rear tailgate from the original barn doors that were fitted. This included aluminium fold away chairs zipped inside the tailgate itself. I also wanted to fit the California table but the Cali door is on the other side to my vehicle so I custom made a panel for the inside to mount the table. Full sound deadening was fitted and I had all the VW seats retrimmed in leather with R logos. The front seats are from a Golf R, as is the flat bottom steering wheel. I made the alcantara covered headlining complete with original VW courtesy lighting plus additional LED lights.


The engine has just been rebuilt and includes hybrid turbo, DPF delete, Wagner front mount intercooler, Forge hoses, straight through, dual exhaust, new clutch, flywheel etc etc. It has Bilstein coil-overs all round. For the brakes, I designed a system utilizing Range Rover Sport Brembo calipers but later changed to a co-designed set up using Audi RS3 calipers and OEM discs.


My next major step is to install a latest R/S7 4.0l V8 twin turbo engine and paddle shift gearbox complete with 4 wheel drive and even larger brakes (though not the RS7 brakes). Power will pretty much be whatever I want it to be, depending on whether I change to larger turbos or not. I will need a large brake disc (probably Range Rover) with the same bolt PCD. This project is about to start as I have a complete Audi S7 for all the required parts.